hello. this project is a little assistant for any for honor player. under the hood, it is collecting any (actually not exactly 'any', but anyway) ingame activity affecting your stats and then formatting it into human-readable view. just for now, there are not so many features are implemented in part of front-end, but anyway there are some things which can be interesting to see.
also it is home for my experiments with different technologies, so do not surprise if something is working bad or not working at all.
feel free to submit any feedback to my email (seroperson@gmail.com).

here you can search for some player to discover his stats:
pc xbox psn
here is some sort of navigation:
- all currently tracked players: pc, xbox, psn
- top-100 leaderboard state: pc, xbox, psn

as long as it is just mvp, there are a lot of ideas not implemented yet:
- supporting xbox/psn platforms
- per-season leaderboard history
- per-character/per-mode global performance
- near real-time global pick-rates

i have no plans to add ads or any paid stuff here, but dedicated servers and our time have some costs. i am leaving some links in case if you wanted to say 'thanks' me: paypal.me.


  • 01 december 2019
    • recent ubisoft's technical maintenance caused some problems for me, so several internal optimizations were implemented in last few days. seem to be ready for such situations now.
  • 12 november 2019
    • added splitting by season 12 for pc platform
    • recognizing zhanhu's changes
    • supporting xbox, psn platforms - now you can notice different urls for each platform. these platforms start their history from current season.
  • 05 november 2019
    • due to technical issues, some data (leaderboard iterations, stat diffs and newly tracked players) between 25 october and 05 november were lost. as consequences of this incident, you can notice large diffs in player's game history. however, all changes are counted in right season, so it's not affecting your future overall history. sorry for this fault - i have to be careful in the future.
  • 26 october 2019
    • batch of leaderboard page changes:
      • the page was splitted into 'activity' and 'history' sub-pages
      • be able to browse past leaderboard states (up to season 10 for pc)
      • displaying player's position changes according to previous leaderboard snapshot
      • 'recent activity' sub-page now has information about player's current leaderboard position and their most-played ranked hero
    • player's statistics page (ex link) now has 'total' line and kd/wl values
  • 06 october 2019